My first camera was Imperial Mark 27 that I got from my father when I was 10 years. Since then I've  always wanted to have a little better camera with more properties and better picture quality.  In the first years I used to trade the old camera in to get a better one, but in later years I wanted to keep the old one and just get a new one.  In about 60 years time my collection has grown to be a 500 camera collection.

I am interested in the technology and development of photographic equipment, not only old analog technology but also new digital technology.  When the number of cameras in my collection started to grow, I decided to group the cameras according to development topics and publish Classic Camera Books with presentations of the cameras under following topics:

- German Cameras and their copies, 60 pages

- Cameras made in USSR, 36 pages

- Japanese Cameras and their copies, 36 pages

- Bakelite and Plastic Cameras, 36 pages

- Digital Camera Revolution, 36 pages

- Reverse Engineering - Copy with Pride, 72 pages

- Cosina made SLR Cameras, 48 pages

- Petri Camera Co. Inc. 36 pages

- Global Brand or Private Label, 60 pages

- Cameras made in China, 48 pages

- Exakta made in Germany and made in Japan, 26 pages

- Biggest Camera Flops and Failures, 26 pages

- Cameras that made history, 60 pages

- World's most produced 35mm cameras, 36 pages

Copyright of the photos and the books: